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That feeling of not knowing which wine to choose…

Why do we often feel lost in front of the shelf and why it doesn't need to be like this!

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We talk about a situation in which all of us who love wine have probably found ourselves in before. We are looking forward to a dinner with friends, a date or any other occasion for which we want to open a great, exciting bottle of wine. Full of anticipation and in a good mood, we go to a wine shop, supermarket or online store and find ourselves in front of a huge shelf (whether digital or physical). This is the moment when anticipation turns into frustration! You have no idea what to take now!

Which of the countless wines is good and ideally exciting and new? What is best for the situation? There are really only two options: Either you choose the tried and tested wine that you already know or you choose a new one and run the high risk of being disappointed. But who wants to drink the same wine over and over again when there are so many great ones to discover?

There are 3 things that make wine seem so complicated:

  • The large number of producers and variants
  • That it is so difficult to put into words how a wine tastes
  • That experts often seem snooty with incomprehensible descriptions

But the choice of wine doesn’t have to be that difficult after all! The great variance is not only confusing but also a great opportunity to try and find many exciting wines. If one moves away from the view of the producer and towards the grape variety and region, wines and their styles begin to unravel themselves. And the better you understand which styles you like, the easier it is to find comparable wines that are described similarly. Because in addition to many creative and artificial descriptions there are also many attributes such as tannins and wood influence, which are described relatively constantly. We shouldn’t give in to the impression that wines are only for experts! Wines are made for those who appreciate them. You don’t have to be a sommelier to enjoy a wine! As well as it doesn’t matter which wine the experts like. What matters is what you personally like and how you can find more of it!

Let’s simplify the wine choice and enjoy more

At WEINME we want to celebrate the joy of trying new exciting wines! The idea is to go on an exploration tour where we delve deeper into interesting topics such as special wine moments, styles and interesting grape varieties. In doing so, you can better understand your personal taste in wine and as well as which grape varieties and regions are exciting for you – completely relaxed from home. In short videos and with descriptions, we explain what makes the selected wines special and why we chose them. You don’t have to attend sommelier classes to better understand which wines are right for you! A little curiosity and a willingness to try out the new will help you enjoy wine more!

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