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April Special: Giro d`Italia (free shipping)


Special Box

Italy is an extremely versatile growing nation with many styles and regions. It is also the biggest wine producer in the world with 19% of total wines made here. Both are great reasons to take you on a trip from north to south through Italy!

We had the goal to show you the fresh and crisp white wine style typical for Italy’s north. Afterwards we continue with a medium bodied very noble and complex wine from the middle of Italy. All the way in the south in Sicily a sun drenched full-bodied red wine awaits you! In the video that comes with the box we are talking about the background of this great wine nation next to giving all details about the wines. Cincin!

*** This special box is the is the monthly WEINME box for April 22. Try out one of our subscriptions without commitment (until 30.04.22) and get this as a first box for 29.99€ here. *

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