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Summer, sun & red wine! Box of fresh & light reds


Special Box

With our summer special we are breaking conventions and will show you that red wines can be an amazing fit for hot summer days! We have put together a selection of great fresh red wines that you should drink slightly chilled. So enjoy the sun with the right wine at hand!

  • Beurer, Trollinger, 2020 (Württemberg Germany)
  • Ca la Bionda, Valpolicella Classico (Venice, Italy)
  • Meinklang, roter Mulatschak (Burgenland, Austria)

This box comes with a video where we discuss the wines and give some information about organic wine growing and natural wines. Since all wines in this box are organic and one is a natural wine. On top of that every bottle comes with detailed illustrative notes. We will send this content to your email inbox after purchase.

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