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Happy birthday Riesling!

The first written mention of Riesling in Germany and around the world is of March 13, 1435. The cultivation of a Riesling vineyard is commissioned on an invoice there. Namely in Rüsselsheim, which today is better known for the production of cars. The Riesling is now 586 years old. Congratulations!

What makes Riesling special?

This is a great occasion to say a few words about this great grape variety. In Germany it is by far the most important grape variety and with 45% of world production it is also clearly the leading producer. Riesling develops well in colder climates and has therefore always been doing well in Germany. Riesling has a unique aroma profile that ranges from apple and citrus aromas over manadrine and apricot to stony and floral aromas. In addition, wine that has been stored for a long time can develop a special smell that is often described as gasoline. But this is by no means meant badly, but a quality feature! In addition, the grape variety reacts very well to the soil, the terroir, where it is grown. And due to its acid structure, it can be produced in various degrees of sweetness. In other words, Riesling is a grape variety that allows for extremely diverse wine styles!

Celebrate Rieslings birthday by trying it

We took the Riesling birthday as an opportunity to take a closer look at the different degrees of sweetness. Our box in March therefore contains 3 Rieslings from dry to semi-dry to Kabinett. All come from other areas of Germany and are hence very different to one another. If you want to know which of the three is the perfect company to currywurst and how you understand what kind of Riesling you buy in the jungle of the German labeling system, order the WEINME Box (until 25.03.21). We explain that and more to you in the video about the wines. Today we’re opening up a Riesling though to celebrate the day! Cheers!

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