What is WEINME?

It is a Wine Club aimed at those who are wine lovers and for those who want to learn about the world of wine. From the comfort of your home you can discover, enjoy and share carefully selected wines. Always accompanied by an online tasting video and digital notes that will tell you more about each bottle and add interesting data.

Why should I subscribe to the monthly WEINME box?

  • As a member you receive every month – in the comfort of your home – a selection of wines recommended by experts who understand the tastes of consumers, in addition to an online tasting video and useful notes about each wine.
  • Each time we will send you different wines so that you can discover different and excellent labels throughout the year.
  • You will get to know wine varieties and regions which will help you discover your personal taste preferences
  • The subscription has no hidden extra prices.
  • The value of the shipment is already included in the monthly value of the subscription.
  • We deliver to all of Germany.
  • The selected wines maintain quality standards and are often not easily available on the market.
  • You can cancel anytime until 3rd of the month.
  • You can skip a month until the 3rd of each month. The month afterwards you will automatically receive your regular box again.

What do I receive every month?

From the 10th to the 20th of each month you will receive a box with the amount of three 3 wine bottles, along with an email sent to your email address. Both shipping address and email are those you entered while checking out. You can update them in your account.

In the email you will find: 1. An access link where you can see the tasting video of each bottle, at any time and as many times as you want to. 2. The digital notes of each of the chosen wines (we do not fill you with a bunch of printed papers every month, because we choose to care for and protect the environment, although you can also print the information if you wish to). This includes information about the winery, tasting notes, proposals for pairing as well as interesting facts and useful descriptions so that you can understand more about the variety of wines and your particular taste.

What are WEINME’s current selections?

We offer our members hand selected options among a wide variety of labels around the world organised by interesting topics month per month.

What type of wines are selected?

On a monthly basis, our experts select the three labels of the wines that will arrive with the box of the month along a theme such as “wines for your cozy winter moments”. Among these wines you will find some classics and others from boutique wineries or limited editions. We look for wines with an excellent price-quality relation. They will always be with their original labels. Red, white, rosé and sparkling wines selections will vary throughout the year, according to our monthly themes. We want to do it in a varied and fun way so that you will also know what are the most suitable moments to enjoy each of the bottles.

Who and how do you select the wines?

The wines are selected by WEINME team with a group of professional wine experts. Every month several dozen bottles are tasted according to the chosen theme to obtain the 3 best ones that we finally add to the box.

What happens if one month I cannot or do not wish to receive the wine?

If one month you cannot receive the WEINME box, you can change the delivery address in the account section until the 3rd of the month.

You can also skip before the 3rd of the month through our website by entering to your account. You can do this process as many times as you want. The following month, the WEINME box will be sent to your address again.

How and when is the payment made?

The payment of the wines is made by means of automatic debit on your credit card on 4th of each month. The cost of shipping is included in the value of the subscription.

What is the value of the monthly fee?

The final price of the WEINME box is €39.99 per month including shipping and VAT.

Which is the difference between WEINME monthly box and WEINME gift box?

What you get is the same in both cases,  a box with 3 selected wines, online tasting and digital notes. The difference is that WEINME monthly box is a subscription that will arrive every month. WEINME gift box will be sent just once and has a different price. In both cases shipping and VAT are included.

Which payment options are accepted?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and Paypal, to make the monthly automatic debit.

When is the WEINME box shipped?

The selection of the month is sent between the 10th and the 20th of each month. 

How and when do I find out about the new selection of the month?

When you receive our email with the digital content ahead of the monthly box shipment.

How can I cancel my WEINME subscrption?

You can cancel the WEINME subscription on your account page until the 3rd of each month.

If I have more questions how can I contact WEINME?

You can always contact us via email at hi@weinme.de. We also appreciate any feedback to the wines, videos and content we produce. Or if you have a question on wine this is also the right address. Get in touch!

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