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This month we are taking a look on Organic wines, with some great selection. But, is organic generally better than conventional?

You can’t generally say it like this. The question is always how the producer works his vineyard. You can also as a conventional producer work in close relation to nature. There are many options to choose from. And there are many regions in Germany and in the whole world where due to humidity etc. the pressure of putrefaction and illnesses is high which you can maybe not fight that well with organic means. Nevertheless I would say that it makes sense to aim at it if it is possible to work organically. There are also different options. We have the EU organic seal which has the mildest criteria to achieve. We know it from the supermarket – the green leave. Then we have an ECO Vin seal at the Trollinger. That is also organic but with stricter rules from this organisation. Then we have 2 wines that are certified by Demeter. The Meinklang and the Beurer. That means biodynamic agriculture which follows the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and goes quite some steps further.

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