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This month "Very exciting-other white wines" just €32,99

What do you get with a

3 stunning wines

carefully selected according
to our monthly topic
sent to your door.

Ships between 06.-10. of each month.
(1st orders after 10. ship in 1-2 business days)

Online tasting video

hosted by
WEINME founder &
the sommelier wine expert,
sent to your email.

With subtitles in English.

Digital and illustrated notes

with the info of each wine
to understand and discover
your personal wine preferences.

In English & German.

Only this month:

Very exciting-other white wines

Not knowing which wine to choose is a problem of the past!
Discover amazing wines with us, increase your wine knowledge and enjoy more! Watch the video to see how it works.

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€32,99/ every 2 months
  • Weinme box with 3 wines
  • 10% off on the wine shop
  • Receive it bimonthly
  • 10% on all wines in the shop
€32,99/ monthly
  • Weinme box with 3 wines
  • 10% off on the wine shop
  • Don’t miss a single selection
  • 10% on all wines in the shop
*best seller option
€59,99/ monthly
  • Weinme box with 6 wines
    (2 bottles of each label)
  • 10% off on the wine shop
  • Get more wines for less €!
  • 10% on all wines in the shop

Stay fully flexible!

No strings attached.

You can manage how often do you want to receive the WEINME Box
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Pinot Noir from Ahr region: One variety, 3 totally different wine styles
Holiday Wines: the best from our loved travel regions
Summer Red Wines: Surprising, fresh and exciting!

What do our clients like most about us?

“The opportunity to discover something new from the world of wine every month and learn from the interesting explanations of the selected wines with your tasting videos”

“Diversified. Very good wines in the price range!.”

“That I regularly receive a selection of good wines and don’t have to make a selection in the supermarket based on the label and price”

Why would you stay with the same wines over and over? WEINME chose the best ones of the season for you!

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